February 2021

A Swiss subsidiary of a US flagship technology corporate firm

Mission: Draft a Remote Working Manifesto (RWM) following a request of staff employees in early 2021, after a full year of exclusive Work from Home practice.

Tasks: Provide guidelines on how to handle collective and individual challenges such as teamwork, remote meeting, health & safety, work-life balance, professional growth based on best practice and on-the-ground examples.

Outcome: The RWM became the CEO’s voice and the company’s framework for all employees.

April 2021

A Swiss base Foundation addressing sustainability environmental challenges

Mission and tasks: Leman HR was missioned to advise on how to handle employment arrangement of staff working remotely outside of Switzerland.

Outcome: Leman HR successfully provided concrete solutions compliant with the relevant jurisdictions to tackle the situation.

May 2021

A Swiss biopharmaceutical company based in EPFL Tech Park

Mission: Evaluate the existing Performance and Development Plan template.

Tasks: Make recommendations for improvement notably with a view to foster more differentiation in the staff performance assessment.

Outcome: All recommendations made were successfully implemented.

June-August 2021

A Swiss based flagship firm in car rental and limousines services

Mission: Advise on organizational design and change implementation post-Covid.

Tasks: As business gained momentum in early 2021, the management targets to more effectively identify high potentials talents, to retain them through more effective career planning.

Outcome: Leman HR led successfully the assessment of managers, identified the talents and made recommendations aiming at retaining and motivating them. These were duly implemented.